NAMMOS Limassol joins Parklane world of luxury


NAMMOS Limassol is the latest addition to Parklane’s Resort & Spa gastronomic and lifestyle experiences, where food becomes objet d’art, dining an alluring affair and partying an evocative adventure. In 2003, NAMMOS was created to amalgamate all the charisma and charm of the beach of Psarou, Mykonos and quickly rose to fame for redefining beach-side living with an enlightening approach to summer lifestyle.

NAMMOS Limassol meets the elegance and the refined simplicity of NAMMOS World, in a chic-minimal space with natural touches and earthy colors, that are offset by the tantalizing views of Limassol Bay.

The Menu is an edible homage to local produce with succulent seafood flavors and premium quality meats. An extravagant wine and cocktail list complete the culinary journey of the Mediterranean way of life.

Set right on the resort’s long beachfront, NAMMOS Limassol is all about finding the joy of life. An intriguing gathering scene that elevates the senses and perfectly captures the curiosity of the explorer, is complemented by the waves on the beach of Parklane, Resort & Spa.

As of summer 2022, NAMMOS Limassol is set to be the ultimate protagonist of the island.