Raising the Gastronomy Benchmark

Nammos Limassol – Effortless Beachside Chic

Nammos Limassol delivers a unique blend of laid-back luxury, uncompromising elegance, and privileged exclusivity right on the secluded beachfront of Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa. Delivering an exciting restaurant meets beach club concept, this signature outpost features an extravagant menu of food and drinks inspired by the Mediterranean. Languid lunches transition into hedonistic nights dancing in the sand at Limassol’s hottest new gastronomic hub.
Aerial photos of Nammos Beach

LPM Limassol - Decadent Days and Vibrant Nights

LPM brings a unique air of style and sophistication to Parklane, a Luxury Collection Resort & Spa. Inspired by the French Riviera, with a picturesque seafront location, this aspirational dining hot spot immerses guests in an extended summer experience. The menu takes guests on an unforgettable journey to discover some of the finest ingredients, complemented by signature cocktails. While a bright, modern ambience exudes easy-going warmth and joie de vivre.
LPM Restaurant & Bar Limassol Terrace

Nikki Beach – Unveiling a Hidden Gem

To be initiated into the entertainment delights of Nikki Beach is to uncover the exclusive secret of an affluent crowd of celebrities, trend setters and fun lovers. At Nikki Beach chefs curate a signature menu at Café Nikki seafront restaurant, while Qurio is the spot for tapas and cocktails with Greek Riviera views. Finally, the world-renowned Beach Club combines an unsurpassed restaurant, with a vibrant club vibe, bringing glamour and style to a day at the beach.
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